Broca – We help you tell your story better

Broca uses AI to generate ad copy and content

Whether you’re creating new variations for Google Ads, optimizing website copy, or just need more content for your blog, Broca can generate it for you.

What we offer
Create New Ad Variants

Continuous testing is the key to creating ads that convert. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time in the day so we limit ourselves to a few variations. Enter Broca.

Share your existing ads with Broca
Connect your ad accounts to Broca
Broca will create new ads
Broca generates new ads based on your existing ones
Select the ones you want to use
With just a click, you can push new ad variants live
Generate New Content For Your Blog

Write a short outline, feed in a few resources and keywords to target, and Broca will create a blog post based on that.

Add a topic, outline, and keywords
Help Broca understand what this post is about
Give Broca some examples
Examples of similar content will help Broca
Get a ready to publish blog post
Add some unique insights or examples before publishing
Test New Copy For Your Site

Your landing pages need constant updates and copy changes. To get the best results, you need to test multiple pages. Broca can help.

Share your site with Broca
Broca will scrape your pages for context
Broca will generate new variants
Broca creates duplicates of your pages with new copy
Select the ones you want to test
With a click, you can create a new A/B test