ClosersCopy – All-in-One Business App You Need To Master Copywriting
Writing Copy Like A Pro

We’ve designed this software for anyone who wants to learn how to write to persuade but doesn’t have the time for the “War and Peace” of copywriting books and courses.

Drag & Drop Copy Builder

Write your copy by dragging and dropping proven copy templates from our library or create your own templates.

Tone Analysis

Analyze the tone of your copy and see whether it delivers a positive or a negative core message.

Emotional Intelligence

Drive more engagement by analyzing your copy and identifying how it speaks to the core 8 emotions.

Digital Download

Download your work as a PDF file or a pre-coded landing page you can use complementary to your website.

Ever-growing Template Library

Get inspired and keep writer’s block at bay with our searchable template library suitable for all major industries.

Collaborative Writing

Share your copy with your coworkers and grant them access to work with you on your copy.

Collaborative Notes

Leave copy-specific notes for your coworkers or yourself along your copywriting journey.

Custom Template Builder

Store your writings as your personal reusable templates and build up your own proven swipe file.